Tips and Tricks

The goal of this page is to give you advice to make your grant applications successful, as well as an idea of what to expect.

What grants are not....

    Lets talk a moment about what grants are not. Grants are not a way to just get a check. You MUST want to go to school and study, and use those funds to do so! Grants will not cover ALL of your school expenses! However, many programs will allow you to finance any remaining balances, or extra costs. Finally, you will NOT be able to fund your life with these programs, only a large chunk of your educational costs.

    12 Simple Tips to get approved!

1.       Follow application directions carefully. All of them.

2.       Stay focused on your need for grant money. Don’t add fluff or filler to your application.

3.       Be persistent. The more applications you complete, the greater your chance of getting grant money.

4.       Apply for less popular grants for less money. The competition is not usually as great.

5.       Don’t try to artificially match your needs to a grant. It’s usually a waste of time.

6.       Competition can be fierce. Make sure your application is of the highest quality.

7.       Complete every section of an application as if it were the only section.

8.       Don’t focus on money. Focus on student achievement.

9.       Read your finished proposal as a grant reader would. It might surprise you.

10.    Establish a timeline for applying for grants. Never miss a deadline.

11.    Get help from those with the data you need. Don’t try to do everything yourself.

12.    Make sure you let your computer check for spelling and grammar errors.

    Ready to get started?

     Head over to our how to apply page!

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